Competition Results 2023

Starbound Optional Competition
Paramus February 10-12

Money- Madison- Elite Gold and 9th Overall
Annabel- Athena- Elite Gold
Glamorous- Alana- High Gold
In The Rain- Leah and Samantha- High Gold and 2nd Overall
Chapstick- Olivia- High Gold
Amazing Gertrude- Sophia- Gold
Isn’t She Lovely- Gabriella- High Gold
Halo- Audrey- High Gold
Respectable- Aleya- High Gold
While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Genesis- High Gold
No Autographs Please- Alessandra B- High Gold
Upstairs- Chrissy- High Gold
Roxie- Alessandra D- High Gold
Six Out of Ten- Kaitlyn- High Gold
Vermillion- Natalia- High Gold and Special Judges Award for Power And Strength

Legacy Dance Competition
Sparta March 12 

27 Platinum Awards
13 Elite Gold Awards

1Gold Award

Legacy Award Petite/Junior Age Division
Awarded to Mariann’s School of Dance

Legacy Award Teen/Senior Age Division
Awarded to Mariann’s School of Dance

Choreography Award age 12 and Under 

Special Judges Awards
Emotional Execution- Life
Icon Award- Oliva Choi for Chapstick
Sassy- Aleya Baynes for Respectable
Powerful Presence- There’s A Ghost
Lovely Lines- Claire XU for Smallest Light
Outstanding Use of a Prop- Sandman
100% Committed- Blue
Better Than Broadway- Reach for the Gun
Born To Entertain- Sophia Ruiz for Amazing Gertrude
Style Award- Me and My Shadow
You Told the Story- Que Sera Sera
Commitment to Character- Chrissy Papas for In the Attic
Commanding Presence- Sarah Kaliberda for Haunted Heart
Seamless Transitions- Tragedy
Outstanding Focus- Natalia Ruiz for Vermillion
100% Committed- Athena Loukas for Annabel
Alluring Style- Alana Lucas for Glamorous
Sassy and Classy- Maria Rivera for Black Car
On the Edge- Nicole Shumilov for Arsonist’s Lullaby 
Popping With Pizzaz- Madison Macchione

Invitation to Legacy Nationals Opening Number
Athena Loukas, Madison Macchione, Nicole Shumilov, Sarah Kaliberda,
Maria Rivera, Natalia Ruiz, Alyssa Schaefer, Ava Fragale, Lily Tian

Uplifting Dancer Award Sponsored by Level Up Dance Supplies:
Aleya Baynes, Natalia Ruiz, Valentina Hernandez-Torre, Mia Cordasco
Hollywood Summer Tours:
Chrissy Papas, Athena Loukas, Maria Rivera, Sarah Kaliberda

Intermediate Petite Solo
4th Place Overall- Aleya Baynes
6th Place Overall- Vittoria Pugliese
8th Place Overall- Audrey Kim
9th Place Overall- Sophia Ruiz
10th Place Overall- Olivia Choi

Intermediate Junior Solo
1st Place Overall- Claire Xu
4th Place Overall- Genesis Noriega

Intermediate Senior Solo
3rd Place Overall- Kaitlyn Carey

Advanced Junior Solo
2nd Place Overall- Chrissy Papas

Advanced Teen Solo
1st Place Overall- Athena Loukas
2nd Place Overall- Madison Macchione
4th Place Overall- Olivia Francesco
5th Place Overall- Gianna Alves
7th Place Overall- Alessandra Dell’Aglio

Advanced Senior Solo
1st Place Overall- Sarah Kaliberda
2nd Place Overall- Maria Rivera for Long Time Love
5th Place Overall- Lily Tian

Title Winner Junior Miss Legacy
2nd Runner Up- Chrissy Papas

Title Winner Teen Miss Legacy
Winner- Madison Macchione
1st Runner Up- Athena Loukas

Title Winner Senior Miss Legacy
Winner- Sarah Kaliberda
1st Runner Up- Maria Rivera

Intermediate Junior Duet/Trio
2nd Place Overall - In the Rain

Intermediate Teen Duet/Trio
1st Place Overall - Burlesque

Advanced Senior Duet/Trio
1st Place Overall- Tragedy
4th Place Overall- Wide Awake Dreaming

Intermediate Petite Large Groups
1st Place Overall- Que Sera Sera
2nd Place Overall- On The Rooftop

Intermediate Teen Small Groups
1st Place Overall- Blue
2nd Place Overall- Money

Advanced Junior Small Groups
1st Place Overall- Sandman
3rd Place Overall- Let Me Go

Advanced Teen Large Groups
1st Place Overall- Reach for the Gun

Advanced Senior Small Groups
1st Place Overall- Me and My Shadow
2nd Place Overall- Everything Everywhere
3rd Place Overall- Life

Advanced Senior Large Groups
1st Place Overall- Underground
2nd Place Overall- There’s A Ghost

Showbiz Optional Competition
Hackensack March 17-19

Gianna Alves- High Gold
Alyssa Schaefer- High Gold
Maria Rivera- High Gold for Black Car 
Maria Rivera- Platinum for Long Time Love 
Aleya Baynes- High Gold, Title Winner, First Place Overall Pre-Junior Ruby Level, Costume Award, Scholarship to The Next Step 
Alessandra Barrera- High Gold, Title Winner, First Place Overall Junior Ruby Level,  Scholarship to The Next Step 
Genesis Noriega-  High Gold, Second Place Overall Junior Ruby Level,  
Leah Karetnick and Samantha Karetnick-  High Gold, First Place Overall Teen Duet/Trio Ruby Level 
Mia Cordasco and Valentina Hernandez-Torre- High Gold, Second Place Overall Teen Duet/Trio Ruby Level