Studio Policies

All newsletters, reminders, and statements/invoices will be emailed to each parent/guardian for each account. We strongly recommend that all parents/guardians check their emails regularly. Information may also be posted in our lobby. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to be aware of important dates and all studio activities. Please inform us of any address, telephone, or email changes throughout the year.

1. Classes

  • Consistent and prompt attendance is very important for the progress of all dancers. Please make every effort to have your child attend every class.
  • The studio does not issue refunds or credits due to illness, vacations, religious observances, extended travel or for any other reason deemed non-refundable by Mariann’s School of Dance.
  • In the event of absence, a student may attend a make-up class (schedule permitting) within a month of the missed class. 
  • There will be no make-up classes after April 1.
  • To arrange a make-up class, it is the parent's responsibility to contact the studio or to go through their online account. In the event that a student will be absent for illness or other emergency, we encourage you to call the studio in advance.

2. Spring Performance Preparation

  • The culmination of all skills learned during the school year is the year-end performance. Preparation for this event begins in February.
  • To ensure that the entire class learns the choreography for each routine, consistent attendance during the final months of the school year is imperative. Inconsistent attendance may result in dismissal from the year end performance at the discretion of the studio director.
  • If a student is removed from the spring performance due to poor attendance, the school will not refund any portion of the tuition, costumes or tickets.

1. Attire

  • All students are expected to observe the school's dress code.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children's dancewear, footwear and hair are appropriate for the class taken.
  • Female students must have their hair completely secured in a bun or ponytail for all classes.
  • Dance instructors have the discretion to remove any student from class whose attire does not comport with the dress code or whose clothing or hair poses a safety hazard to the student or to the rest of the class.

2. Classroom Behavior

  • Students should be ready for class and dressed in required attire and shoes no less than ten minutes before class begins.
  • Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class may be asked to observe class only.
  • For safety reasons, no jewelry is permitted to be worn in class. The students may not bring toys, dolls, or any other objects into the classrooms at any time. No chewing gum or drinks permitted in class.
  • Proper behavior is expected of all students before, during and after classes. Students are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful towards their teachers as well as their fellow students. There is no talking permitted during class. Teachers have the discretion to dismiss a disruptive student from the class in the event of improper behavior.
  • Students experiencing physical or emotional problems, which prevent their full participation in a class, may observe class with a note of explanation from their parent or doctor.

3. Parental Supervision

  • Parents are expected to monitor both dancers and siblings at all times. Parents are responsible for their children's behavior. There shall be no running or yelling in the hallways, waiting room, dressing room or dance studios. Visiting children, including siblings of the enrolled student, are not permitted in empty studios at any time.
  • Parents may arrive no more than 15 minutes before class begins. Parents must pick up their children no more than 15 minutes after the class has ended. The studio cannot be responsible for supervising children who are left alone or unattended when subsequent classes begin.

4. Dressing Rooms and Common Areas

  • Both parents and students are expected to keep the dressing rooms and common areas neat and tidy. The studio is not responsible for personal items left in the dressing rooms or waiting room.
  • Due to fire codes, the hallways may not be blocked by any objects or persons at any time.

5. Disciplinary Action

  • Students who repeatedly disregard the dress code, miss class, or disrupt classes with improper behavior may be discharged from the school and the year-end performance at the sole discretion of the management, with or without warning.
  • No refund of tuition, costumes or tickets will be given for any student who is discharged for improper conduct.


  • We would appreciate your cooperation in keeping our studio clean.
  • While we request there be NO food or drinks in the waiting room and dressing rooms, we understand that it is sometimes necessary due to scheduling.
  • Please be considerate and clean up any remaining food, drink, or trash you may leave behind.
  • DO NOT leave soiled diapers in the garbage cans.
  • Students should use the bathroom before or after class only, unless it is an emergency.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to discuss it with us whenever it does not interfere with a class. We will be happy to arrange a time when we can speak with you.

Any shoes and clothing left in the building will be placed in the Lost and Found in each dressing room at the end of the day. The Lost and Found will be emptied at the end of every month.

Dance is a performing art and the extension of class to stage. Our performances are professional and well planned. Classes will be assigned one of two performances. You will receive information concerning rehearsal and performance dates, costumes, and tickets via email. Costumes for all spring performances are distributed only when all outstanding payment balances have been reconciled.

The studio does not necessarily close for snow days, although area schools may be closed. We err on the side of caution when considering travel conditions for our dance families and educators. Class cancellations will be posted on our social media feeds at least one hour before the start of classes. If the studio must close due to inclement weather or emergency, those days will be treated as absences and make up classes can be arranged. No refunds will be made.

We love when our dancers refer their friends to the studio! When you refer a friend and they enroll for the full season, you will received a $25 credit toward your account. It's our way of saying "thank you" for the confidence you have in our program. 
How to Receive Your Credit: Ask your referrals to include your name in the "How Did You Hear Details" box on the registartion form.